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Ways To Share

DOS feels strongly about developing collaborative relationships that promote and honor the unique qualities represented by each community member. DOS welcomes all levels of support.


We welcome you to join our gatherings and events.

There is always an array of activities involved as we plan for, organize, and engage with our local residents. If you are inspired to get involved please fill out our volunteer form.

We simply appreciate you.

Express A Talent.

We welcome you to share your unique gifts.

Diversity Outreach Services provides gatherings and events that promote a social and creative platform for the patrons we serve. If you would like to share your creative or expressive talents with us, please fill out our talent form.

We welcome all talents.

Share An Offering.

We welcome and value your generous support.

Diversity Outreach Services is focused on servicing individuals of all needs and demographics. We feel strongly about collaborating with local businesses and organizations.

We are committed to entering these relationships with a clear sense of service and gratitude.

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