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Consultation Services Made For Your Workplace.

DOS believes in establishing services that reflect the needs of our local residents and businesses. These community connections play a natural and critical part in sustaining our local communities. DOS offers workplace consultation services to foster employee success; while supporting management in overcoming obstacles created by workplace dynamics.

The Time To Support Your Employees Is Now.

Diversity Outreach Services recognizes the complexities that exist within a diverse working environment. As companies open their doors to various ages, abilities, and lifestyles, the employer-and-employee relationship can generate areas of uncertainty. These personal attributes can create performance blocks as each party takes on their specific roles. Diversity Outreach Services would like to assist employers and employees in building a balanced foundation that will honor all participants.

DOS Employee And Workplace Consultation Services

Simple Workplace Consultation Services

DOS's "simple" workplace consultation services will help provide you (the employer) with a deeper understanding of the diverse nature that exists among employees. By leveraging in-person observation, holistic methodology, and highlighting critical skill areas. DOS will develop an over-arching plan to promote a healthy working relationship.

DOS Simple Workplace Consultation Services

At a basic level, employers and employees must establish a sense of personal and professional value as each individual contributes to their work environment.

Extended Workplace Consultation Services

DOS's "extended" workplace services take a deeper dive into the key employment skill areas that can influence employee retention, success, and wellness. In a more extensive process, DOS will use a holistic approach to define the following business and employee methodologies; managerial procedures, communication, and performance. The established goals and values will provide the foundation for your workplace reinvigoration plan.


The key elements in establishing a supportive workplace are to encourage a sense of gratitude and to create new possibilities.

Employee Training And Performance Coaching

Diversity Outreach Services recognizes the complexities of life on a personal and professional level. DOS strives to help employees manage these life demands and to reach their occupational goals. DOS will work with you (the employer) and your employees to develop a plan that reflects both parties' values and desired outcomes.

DOS Employee Training And Performance Coaching Services

Employees and managers can establish a healthy balance by building professional value and time management avenues.

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