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Embrace the Diverse Nature of Love

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

The Story of "My Valentine"

The true story behind the Valentine’s Day holiday is presented with an array of narratives, but the key figure in defining this holiday seems to offer a little more certainty. The martyred Saint Valentine was clearly seen and recognized for his many representations of love. One of these legends states that while he was imprisoned, he fell in love with a young girl, and he sent his true love a greeting card that was signed your Valentine.

This story is a clear representation of the influences of love and romance, even when we are in the midst of life’s challenges. The Valentine’s Day holiday seems to stir up thoughts and memories of our past or present relationships. Relationships seem to be represented in many ways and play a key role in our lives. I would like to share with you some thoughts that are centered around love and relationships.

The Many Facets of Love

Let's begin with love and all of its interpretations. I personally believe love can be expressed through a series of expressions that are an extension of my personal beliefs. I believe we each have a genuine representation of love that is shared through actions, expressions, and beliefs.

My expression or definition of love begins with a genuine acceptance of others. This involves honesty, kindness, trust, and an openness to personal growth and change. I believe these aspects of love play out in all of our relationships.

It seems like when we focus in on and reference the idea of love; we immediately refer to romantic love. I feel that our lives are full of all types of love, beginning with ourselves, siblings, parents, grandparents, extended family, spouses, partners or significant others, friendships, co-workers, community members, and public figures. All of these relationships are an extension of our personal loves or values.

Offering Gratitude

I feel very fortunate to be a part of all of these relationships. When I think of my involvement or the exchanges that occur in relationships, I bring my thoughts to the expression of gratitude. Gratitude for the beauty that lies within a relationship. The connections, the opportunity to embrace the uniqueness of others, or to personally experience the acceptance of others. There really isn’t a more rewarding encounter. Relationships are always an opportunity to open up your heart to the diverse connections, encounters, or experiences that are a part of our daily interactions.

Relationships also present challenges that make us feel uncertain of ourselves and others. These relationship situations are not presented to us to create divisions but are presented to open up new perceptions and opportunities for growth. These types of relationship encounters may require time and patience. When we provide ourselves time to reflect, the immediate or future outcome of these types of relationships is likely to impart some very revealing and unprecedented experiences.

I believe we all have something beautiful and wonderful to bring forward as we navigate our daily encounters. Probably, the most important aspect of these various relationships is allowing ourselves to simply be who we genuinely are. All great Loves begin with a love of self and the true expression of oneself.

Diversity Outreach Services extends to all the wonders and beauty of love & relationships; and the opportunity to express your unique style.



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