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Family, The Holidays, And All Of Its Traditions

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Express Your Inner Light this Holiday Season

As we enter the holiday season, so much is happening around us and within us. The holidays bring forward a period of reflection or review of our lives and the people that are close to us or related to us. Family is such a large description of how we define ourselves and how we navigate life’s encounters. Diversity is also becoming a commonplace concept where we can find acceptance in all lifestyles, traditions, and belief systems that seem to encompass us as individuals and the extensions of us, family.

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Families; Trust & Love

I have had a rare but exciting opportunity to support and meet an array of individuals and families. I can not say that I never compared or questioned the various circumstances I have encountered, but at the core of all of those situations or circumstances was love.

I have learned that the crazy, diverse nature of family structures and traditions is beautiful. They are a beautiful representation of each individual’s thoughts, expressions, beliefs, behaviors, and temperaments. Where else can you find such a committed group of individuals striving to accept and value the diverse nature of each tribe member or what we refer to as our family?

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One’s Close Ties

The term tribe is a term that I have recently encountered. It sounds a bit primitive, but on many levels, it is a great description of the family unit. Our families are deeply connected to us, even when we feel separated or distant from them. Let’s face it one's roots run deep and wide. As individuals, we begin to grow and expand, and there are times when we may feel trapped or obligated to fulfill and honor our tribes' traditions and beliefs.

Life Is Full of Those Types of Challenges!

When we take the time to follow our heart, many questions or life practicalities can interrupt that movement forward. This can create an imbalance within our mind, body, and spirit.

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Finding Your Way

The solutions to life’s balance are within us, and the ability to honor and express one’s individuality is quite simply empowering. It is not the type of empowerment that states I am in control. It is the type of empowerment where every fiber of your being feels right and content. When we reach this type of feel right, we can see the beauty within each of your tribe members.

Diversity Outreach Services invites you to shine the light on all of your Family encounters, traditions, and beliefs this holiday season. A deep and necessary beauty lies within all of those crazy, amazing and unique members of your family, your tribe.

Happy Holidays To You & Your Family

From Diversity Outreach Services

DOS belives in and honors your unique beauty.



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