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Holiday Reflections: Love, Joy, and Faith in Family Gatherings

Unveiling True Nature: A Tapestry of Love, Joy, and Faith in the Heart of Family Gatherings.

Christmas Family Gathering

Love In Full Bloom


When I reminisce about the holidays and family gatherings, a smile and a chuckle always arise within me. I was fortunate to be a part of a large family where grandmothers, aunts, uncles, and cousins were closely tied, especially during the holidays. Our holiday gatherings were large, loud, and chaotic. Loud voices and laughter filled each of the rooms. My siblings and cousins represented many ages. We always seemed to find ways to entertain ourselves and each other.


Gatherings Full of Joy


I was always quite intrigued by the gatherings of the adults. They always clustered around the dining room table, chatting with each other and chuckling about life events and past experiences. They each brought forth a unique insight into daily life and world events. Amid the chatter and laughter lay some amazing individuals dedicated to their families and communities. I only realized how much they enjoyed each other's company later in life. My parents, aunts, and uncles knew how to celebrate and embrace the connections they built with each other. When I  look back and allow myself to reconnect with the past members of my family, I realize that each member was presented with the personal challenge of uncovering their true nature.


Faith In Family Ties


This is what I refer to as the George Bailey inclination. The beloved character from “A Wonderful Life”. George strongly felt an obligation toward family relations and commitments. These family commitments left him feeling that he had lost control over the movement and outcomes of his life events. Only to discover that he was the most significant influencer of his own life. Isn’t that true for each of us?  When we each embrace our true nature, life will present obstacles, but if we stay the course, much will be revealed.


Blessings to all for a joyful and inspiring Holiday Season

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