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Let's redefine what wellness services can be, my personal journey in developing DOS.

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Let me introduce myself. My name is Donna Q Corriveau, and I have spent the last thirty years working in the field of education and community-related services.

I have had many opportunities to engage with and support individuals of all ages and abilities. My innate or intuitive ability to understand and support others on an individualized basis became a consistent theme throughout my personal and professional endeavors.

My intent lies simply within a genuine belief in all people; and that we all display unique qualities. I believe one’s individuality should be recognized and valued.

Carrying The Belief of Intuition Forward

The one unique detail that I have expanded on and continue to carry forward in my services is the intuitive component. Intuition and intuitive services have become more prevalent, but the concept of intuition can still present confusion or uncertainty. So let’s begin by defining intuition.

Intuition (noun): The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. Statement: “We shall allow our intuition to guide us."

Intuition begins with our inner perceptions of the world and the people that surround us. Life presents us with a great deal of unrealized perceptions and interpretations of the reality that encompasses us. When we begin to open ourselves to those silent but present inner thoughts, emotions, and sensations, we have then entered the door of Intuition.

My Representation of Intuitive Services

The Intuitive services I provide are a representation of this; I begin with an innate expression and understanding of people and life experiences. I then add my appreciation of one’s unique talents and qualities to an already greater belief in you and your abilities. This allows me to support you and your beliefs as you pursue the inner and outer aspects of your life. My intuition supports your movement towards self-realization or one’s highest good. I see the time we spend working together as an honor, and I respect the process of your journey forward.

An Opportunity To Uncover Life's Answers

I have spent a fair amount of time exploring life’s themes and the humanistic tendencies that seem to surface in our lives. I have come to the following realization; that we all should be given an opportunity to uncover life’s answers. The answers to life’s events already lie within us, but first, we need to begin to trust we have those answers.

Diversity Outreach Services demonstrates and understanding that inner trust cannot be developed through preconditioned thinking or programs.

DOS's Mission For You

Trust is an individualized journey where support should reflect one’s highest good, not the logistics, expectations, and routines of others. This realization has led me to develop the following goals for you to explore as you uncover your individuality.

1. Build and design a life that reflects internal desires and interests.

2. Foster and discover one’s unique talents.

3. Develop an inner understanding of internal thoughts and emotions.

4. Build inner trust by identifying inner truths.

5. Explore life's possibilities on a personal and professional level.

6. Develop life skills on a personal and community basis.

7. Support an inner awareness of the relationship between yourself and others.



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