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My Open Letter To Community Members

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Dear Community Members,

I manage a small community-based organization, and I would like to share with you a rare opportunity. One that promotes an inner awareness to live, inspire and connect with one's unique qualities.

I am reaching out to local businesses and organizations to help support this vision. This prospect has carried me forward as I have explored and participated in various professional and personal endeavors. My intent lies simply in a genuine belief in all people, and that life is full of amazing possibilities.

Yes, we are all well equipped and quite capable of living a fulfilling and rewarding life. Also, yes, life can challenge us on many levels and in many ways. This is where I come in, and this is where Diversity Outreach Services withstands. The only factors that are standing in the way of living a fulfilling and rewarding life are the beliefs, fears, and doubts we may carry forward.

Diversity Outreach Services is not inclined to design a one size fits all program—the intentions of this organization are centered on believing in and supporting each individual's journey through life. The Diversity Outreach Organization resides with the belief that the answers to life's challenges already lie within us, but first, we need to begin to trust that we have those answers.

Our organization demonstrates an understanding that inner trust cannot be developed through preconditioned thinking or programs. Trust is an individualized journey where support should reflect one’s highest good, not the logistics, expectations, and routines of others.

Diversity Outreach Services hopes you may also share in a journey of light, love, and truth. This may sound a little presumptuous, but only if you see limitations; when fostering the unique qualities that exist in each of us. Our organization is not working to reform the minds and hearts of others.

Our program wishes are based on two prospects; honor and respect. Our organization honors the uniqueness of each individual and family we serve, and we respect the process of each individual's journey, with the understanding that we don't have the answers, just the support, and movement towards growth and success.

Diversity Outreach Services Organization welcomes all levels of support. So if you feel that these prospects may be reflected in your own life and that a strong propensity exists to support our programs, events, and individualized services, please respond to the DOS request form.

Thank you for your time and support.

With Much Gratitude, Donna Q. Corriveau


About Diversity Outreach Services (DOS):

Diversity Outreach Services began reaching out to local residents and other organizations in the Fall of 2018. Our mission began with providing a diverse population of students, adults, and their families with various enriching programs and events. Diversity Outreach Services also places a great deal of emphasis on the needs of the diverse individuals and families we encounter. We strongly believe that attending to and collaborating with the unique qualities of each individual and family is the way to foster personal growth. We are passionate about aiding others in achieving and exploring their goals and discovering creative and individualized solutions to overcome any barriers that may be presented.



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